In the lifecycle of any company, there are moments when the stars align and the heavenly bodies smile down upon us earthly beings, and in these moments you are able to truly dominate. For us here at Mindbox, that means growing community and communal potential while simultaneously growing our business. This past March, Mindbox launched our new mentorship program called NEXT. In short, the Mindbox NEXT program is designed for students and aspiring tech professionals between the age 16 and 22, who are looking to get real experience in the tech industry. We weren’t looking for candidates with a perfect GPA or incredible amounts of experience, nor were we looking for the best developer on this side of the Mississippi or an award winning marketing strategist. We were seeking young entrepreneurs with the right work ethic, drive, and foosball skills to make the tech industry a better place.

Without further ado, here are the newest additions to Mindbox Studios:

(WARNING: Mindbox has a tendency to dish out some incredibly cheesy nicknames. You’ve been warned.)

Jason just finished his freshman year at Miami University majoring in Interactive Media Studies. He is training as the Video Lead and has a passion for filmmaking and music. He is a second degree black belt and rumored to be an amateur vigilante in his free time.

This is Noah Bass. His birth name might be Noah, but Mindbox has dubbed him with a multitude of maniacal monikers. Just a few that come to mind: Too Bass Too Furious, Weapons of Bass Destruction, You Shall Not Bass, The Bass Hammer, and Bass Master. The youngest of the pack, Noah is a fresh graduate from Madeira High School, and he plans to attend the University of Cincinnati to pursue a degree in Computer Science. He is a through-and-through developer and sports enthusiast as well as a co-director at TEDxCincinnatiYouth.

Nick is a third year Marketing major at the University of Cincinnati and is training to be a project lead. He has a passion for people and data trends (yes, data trends). Here are a couple of fun facts you should know about him: 1) he is a Young Life leader, 2) he has an odd obsession with bikes, and 3) considers himself a corn dog connoisseur.

We are beyond excited to have our first group of interns here at Mindbox, and we can’t wait to see their talent and hard work take shape. If you or someone you know may be interested in the Mindbox NEXT internship/co-op program, please apply a

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