From Design to Revelation

Five Commandments for Learning through Design More than anything else, great storytellers know how to develop their characters. Early drafts are all about discovering the key character’s central purpose, their central desire. Once the storyteller starts their real script, novel, or game, they need to quickly show the audience the main character they’re following and … Continued

Embracing Innovation

A Startup Redding Podcast Ep. 18 with Lauren Jerome and Kirk Wayman Listen on Spotify, iTunes, or straight from the source. Full Audio Transcript Includes minor edits for readability. Kirk Wayman 0:07 This is the Startup Redding podcast created by a group of founders, funders and entrepreneurs who believe you can have a thriving startup … Continued

What Is a Marketing Campaign Anyway?

Defining an Ambiguous Term A few days ago, while talking to a client, I found myself agreeing to a vague deliverable called a marketing campaign. As the leader of a marketing division, a marketing campaign should be right in my wheelhouse. As I talked over my meeting notes with my team, I quickly realized that … Continued

You Don’t Need More Features. You Need More Data.

How the Best Product Owners Use Data to Build the Best Products Ever wondered how some companies consistently build features that you couldn’t live without but never knew you needed? It seems like magic, some sort of product manager voodoo that can only be tapped if your last name is Zuckerberg, Spiegel, Hansson, or Dorsey. The rest … Continued

You Suck at Setting Performance Metrics

How to Set Great Performance Metrics and Expectations. One of the most common frustrations among business professionals is performance metrics. Performance metrics are how employers value the contributions made by their employees and how employees clarify the expectations of their employer. It’s a simple tool that when used with intentionality can be a powerful asset … Continued

Speed Up Product Adoption with Marketing Automation

How to get More out of Your Marketing Automation Software As software owners and creators, we have entered into a really cool season. Software has moved to the cloud, no longer limited or constrained by local resources. This move gives us potential that is not limited to machine-based resources. It unlocks something much more powerful … Continued

Build Your Vision, Not Your Reality

How to turn the company that you have into the company that you want. I’m blessed to be a part of an amazing community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and visionaries located in Northern California. We’re close enough to Silicon Valley to stay on the cutting edge of technology and far enough away to see the bigger picture … Continued

What is Agile Marketing? — And Why B2B Should Listen Up

Agile marketing is a calculated approach to the traditional marketing process. Agile marketing values flexibility, transparency, visibility, predictability, and adaptability over set marketing processes. The agile approach to marketing was created out of the values and principles of agile software development: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration … Continued

The Agile Marketing Stack

If you’ve spent any amount of time in tech circles, you’ve heard the term agile being thrown around. The term originated as a software development methodology focusing on rapid iterations, simplified communications, flexible roadmaps, and the ability to move quickly and easily through product versions, updates, and releases. Agile is primarily a mindset backed up … Continued

The 5 Minute Business Validation Process

At Mindbox, we work with a lot of very early-stage startups. In fact, we work with so many early-stage companies and founders that we built a SaaS platform to help them plan out their software. We call it Story Plans — and it’s pretty awesome. Working with startups attracts some really cool projects; it also attracts some … Continued

The Entrepreneur’s Need for Community

Entrepreneurship is a constant uphill battle rigged with traps, snares, and obstacles of all sizes. It’s a battle that rages tirelessly in the six inches between your ears. Most people never realize that the biggest obstacle in entrepreneurship is themselves, that it’s their own self-doubt that keeps them up late in the night or talks … Continued

How to Balance Long & Short Term Growth

“If you’re not growing you’re dying.” I’ve heard this line mentioned multiple times in conversations over the past few weeks. I have no idea what it’s from — maybe a book, maybe a famous speech or a podcast? Regardless, it’s an ideal that keeps surfacing while meeting with clients, strategizing about how to reach their … Continued

Patterns of Successful Founders

Startup-ing isn’t for sissies. Period. There are a few qualities that must be present in every founder or the road will be long and tumultuous, leading you back to crafting resumes for corporate headhunters. Over the last 10 years, I’ve worked with over 120 startups from all over the globe, and it doesn’t matter where … Continued

A Simple Leadership Assessment

When you’re a startup, your achievements often become your next set of hurdles. Here’s the latest: Your organization is growing, but finding the right people to help you grow brings its own set of challenges. You need good people to help you now. As part of a small team, it’s not uncommon for inexperienced leaders to be thrust into hiring … Continued

A Woman’s Place in Tech

If the tech industry invents the future, why does it look so much like the past? We’re talking about the lack of women in computer science.

Story Plans: The Podcast

The Story Plans podcast is a show about the early-stage startup, I mean, really early stage. Like, the napkin where they scribbled their idea on it is still in their messenger bag, early. The difference between this startup and so many people out there with ideas inspired by a long road trip or hot shower … Continued

Startup Stories: The thrill of the fight

The leap into startupland and entrepreneurship isn’t easy for even the most prepared–if there is such a thing as being “most prepared.”  We could talk all day about the risks, probable changes in income and lifestyle, potential stress factors, and the possibility of failure. Actually, odds are against the entrepreneur. But we already know that, … Continued

Mindbox joining OCEAN startup accelerator mentors

We’re investing in Cincinnati’s startup ecosystem with leaders from all over the Tri-State. There’s a new startup accelerator launching in Cincinnati called OCEAN, and I’m pleased to announce that Mindbox will be partnering with them to help startups get off the ground successfully. I know two of the three founders really well, and I believe the … Continued

At the fair with Earthineer

Recently we had the privilege of seeing a growing client of ours, Dan Adams of, in action at a local fair in Oregon. Nicholle Austed serves as Dan’s project manager at Mindbox Studios when Dan needs to accelerate development work on his acclaimed homesteading platform. Check out to see what we’re building with Dan, … Continued