Budgeting for Software Development

…while you’re still discovering what you need A software program can range from a few lines of code to a few million, but if you’re thinking about hiring a software team you are probably wondering how much it will cost. Even if your business is well established, there’s a good chance you have a budgetary constraint, … Continued

Before Asking “How Much is this Software Going to Cost?”

Are you sure you know what you need to succeed? When I started working in software 11 years ago, I built the innovative applications my clients said they wanted. I quickly learned that even though they typically knew their industry, they didn’t know what they needed out of their software. It’s not a dig. It’s … Continued

Mindbox Studios Opens Up Shop In Denver @ Galvanize!

It is an exciting time to be growing and expanding.  We are more than thrilled to join the many great founders and tech companies at Galvanize in Denver.  If you are in the area drop us a line, we would love to connect with you in our new space.  Mindbox Studios now in the WILD … Continued