Budgeting for Software Development

…while you’re still discovering what you need A software program can range from a few lines of code to a few million, but if you’re thinking about hiring a software team you are probably wondering how much it will cost. Even if your business is well established, there’s a good chance you have a budgetary constraint, … Continued

Startup Stories: The thrill of the fight

The leap into startupland and entrepreneurship isn’t easy for even the most prepared–if there is such a thing as being “most prepared.”  We could talk all day about the risks, probable changes in income and lifestyle, potential stress factors, and the possibility of failure. Actually, odds are against the entrepreneur. But we already know that, … Continued

I’m addicted

How Startup Weekend reignited the entrepreneur in me   I recently signed up for a 54 hour challenge to launch a new business over one weekend. I was in good company, however. In just a few years, over 100,000 people have signed up to do the same thing and participated in what’s called, Startup Weekend. … Continued