Embracing Innovation

A Startup Redding Podcast Ep. 18 with Lauren Jerome and Kirk Wayman Listen on Spotify, iTunes, or straight from the source. Full Audio Transcript Includes minor edits for readability. Kirk Wayman 0:07 This is the Startup Redding podcast created by a group of founders, funders and entrepreneurs who believe you can have a thriving startup … Continued

You Don’t Need More Features. You Need More Data.

How the Best Product Owners Use Data to Build the Best Products Ever wondered how some companies consistently build features that you couldn’t live without but never knew you needed? It seems like magic, some sort of product manager voodoo that can only be tapped if your last name is Zuckerberg, Spiegel, Hansson, or Dorsey. The rest … Continued

The 5 Minute Business Validation Process

At Mindbox, we work with a lot of very early-stage startups. In fact, we work with so many early-stage companies and founders that we built a SaaS platform to help them plan out their software. We call it Story Plans — and it’s pretty awesome. Working with startups attracts some really cool projects; it also attracts some … Continued

Web design with a purpose: Who are you designing for?

Designing digital experiences for the everyday internet user is both an art and a science. At Mindbox Studios, we seek guidance from the experts in the ever-evolving best practices for user experience design. Software giants Google, Facebook, and YouTube have the daunting task of designing with the whole world of internet users in mind, using experts on psychology, anthropology, … Continued

Let’s work together

No matter who you are, we love solving real business problems using technology. Leverage the experience of a passionate, innovative team to launch your idea, inspire your campaign, or add value to your customers. Contact us to learn more about how you can work with Mindbox Studios. Let’s talk. Email us at hello@mindboxstudios.com  

I’m addicted

How Startup Weekend reignited the entrepreneur in me   I recently signed up for a 54 hour challenge to launch a new business over one weekend. I was in good company, however. In just a few years, over 100,000 people have signed up to do the same thing and participated in what’s called, Startup Weekend. … Continued