Rocket launching out of a laptop and other startup tools
Thanks to Eric Ries, there are people who don’t even think “most valuable player” anymore when they hear “MVP.” Depending on where you live, the people talking about their MVP in line at the coffee shop are more likely talking about their minimum viable product.  And, even that term can be a bit of a...
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Rocket crashing into the ground
“Entrepreneur” sure sounds like a fancy-ass word. It comes straight from the City of Light, the Louvre, and cuisine — and few people outside of Paris pronounce it just right. It feels elite to call oneself an entrepreneur, akin to artist, poet, or angel investor. But don’t let the uppity title deceive you, because an...
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This past week, Cardstore by American Greetings released their Mother’s Day advertisement. Typically, these look like every other ad during this season, either over-the-top humor, or cheesy half-baked sentimentalism. Not this one. Somehow the creative minds behind this ad found a way to connect viewers to something much bigger and deeper–a human value often forgotten....
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