Technology Blueprint & Product Roadmap


A Story Plan is your technology blueprint.

Strategy :: Research :: Roadmap


Nothing can guarantee success, but there are things a founder can do to launch from a better position. Everyone knows it takes grit, hard work, a good team, and a focused-solid plan among other things to build a great tech company. Business Plans are nice but they often fail to give you everything you need to understand the product side of your business. We created a process that offers the kind of insight you need before you start coding.

Up to 15+ deliverables

When your Story Plan is complete you will understand:

1) The technology required to meet your business goals

2) How to best build your platform

3) The budget needed to accomplish your goals

4) The roadmap of your product over the next 6-12 months


Story Plan Deliverables

Business Strategy

(for Startup founders)

Though you already have a fairly well-defined idea for the product and its business implications, Mindbox Studios will still seek to better understand your idea and make recommendations based on the information provided during prior conversations, with a special focus on issues directly impacting the technological strategy. Answering these questions–along with others, will help us prioritize the goals of the technology in light of overarching business goals. We care as much about the health of your business model as we do your technology. You technology impacts the business and vice versa.

  • We will start by collaborating on your Business Model Canvas
    Reference: Download PDF Canvas
  • We will strategize and construct personas to better understand your initial users.
  • We will dig deep into your competitors together.
  • We will seek to understand the direct needs of the minimum viable product (MVP) required to test the efficacy of the business model and existing assumptions.
  • We will survey real customers and do some initial market testing.
  • We will discuss the rollout strategy and marketing objectives for the first 6-9 months of the business.



Problem Identification
What is the problem we are solving?

Primary Customer Personas
Who are the people your product or service impacts most? Why?

Unique Value
Describe what makes your intended platform different from other tools in the marketplace. What advantages do you have after having this new tool? Focus on the items that are not easily reproducible by others.

Initial Release Plan
What are the most critical (core) things your platform must be able to do on Day 1, and what is your rollout strategy for MVP and your first year in business?

Key Competitors
Who is already operating in this space? What are they doing well, and what could you improve upon?

Discoveries made through these conversations will provide insights which we will later use to inform the technology research and product plan.

Technology Planning & Research

The Mindbox technology team will break down the priorities of your software, not just describing what to build, but how to build it.

User Stories

A “user story” is a high-level definition of a requirement containing just enough information so as to allow developers to produce a reasonable estimate of the effort needed to implement it. In the Story Plan, we will create thoughtful and meaningful stories (sometimes called features) for the MVP and first 1-2 versions of the software.

User Story Model: As a (role), I want (something) so that (benefit).
Example: As a camera app user, I want to be able to edit my photos so that I can improve the original photograph I took.

For more on software User Stories, read this article.

Graphic User Interface (GUI) Sitemap & User Flows


Technical Research

Your assigned product lead will research technical challenges, third-party APIs, and platform-specific needs for your new app. They will prepare a technical notes document and use the discoveries when organizing the product requirements and roadmap.

Technical Stack

Your new tech platform needs a place to live. We call those servers. You may have one or more than one depending on what your app does. Your product lead will also recommend the best framework, language, and help you see what will be needed when your app scales.

Visual Design & User Experience

Our goal is to gain better insight into how someone will use your web and mobile application with the following deliverables:

Individual Design Consultation

A visual designer will meet with you and may make notes on UX recommendations for each particular platform as they prepare to gather inspiration and design the critical views. The visual designer and product lead will work with the founder to define the critical views that should be designed during the Story Plan.

Creative Inspiration

Research and collect inspiration from around the world – digital and non-digital – that displays characteristics we want to see showcased in our new platform. The visual Designer will upload inspiration for branding, styling, user interface, and UX.

Design Critical Views

Discuss the goals for the critical views: for developers, investors, partners, or further market validation: In addition to the founder’s goals, Mindbox uses the critical views to gather better quality estimates for UI development.

Product Roadmap

Once the business model has been refined and the technical research and creative direction is set, Mindbox will build your Product Roadmap. Here’s how that looks:

Tasks & Estimates

Meaningful tasks will be created based on research, user stories, and goals for the first phase of development for the platform. This is where the detailed scope is created for your platform and apps. Once completed, developers and designers will have everything they need to build your MVP plus more in most cases.

MVP Roadmap, Plan, and Ballpark – High Level

Create high-level roadmap, plan, and cost estimates for goal setting and expectations.


Six-to-nine month timeline of ballpark costs and priorities based on discussions, goals, and overall budget.

We use storytelling to describe software apps because it brings the team together around a common vision and meaning of what we are building in a language everyone can understand. This is the first step in the process to building beautiful, user-worthy, functional software. Let’s start the journey together.

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has helped launch well over 100 companies with founders all over the country from dozens of industries. He started his journey in technology as a visual designer for web, but it was the art of building great internet companies that attracted him refine his craft. Joshua and his wife, Rebekah, have four beautiful daughters and live in Redding, California.