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Let’s face it. You and your team have a few great ideas for leveraging technology to grow your business, but you don’t know where to start. It’s easier to test your idea than you thought. Design sprints are a proven solution to validating innovative ideas quickly.

Why It Works


Facilitation is key to a successful design sprint. As facilitators, we study innovation and best practices for designing innovative products. We help unlock your team’s potential as experts in the field and harness your creative ideas for growing with technology.

A Proven Structure

Creative Constraints

The time-bound, goal-oriented process helps unlock creativity as the team solves problems together at each step of the way. The final outcomes of a design sprint can vary in content and composition, from a digital product to a business process and anywhere in between. The value lies in the facilitated process.

Dependent on Specific Goals & Desired Outcomes

The Process

Understand the Customer

Get into the minds of the key customer segments to understand who they are, what they do, what pains they currently experience, and what gains they expect from a solution.

Choose a Problem to Solve

Using a solid understanding of the customer, define her journey toward the end goal, and choose among the many unknowns the most important hypothesis to validate.

Ideate on Solutions

Using creative problem-solving, conceive of a large number of potential solutions to the problem, deferring judgment and preferring quantity over quality.

Determine the Best Solution

With structured decision-making and as much information as is available, make the most reasonable hypothesis about what is the best solution to test first.

Define the MVP

Define in as much detail as necessary the scope of the solution: the minimum viable product. Create documentation that is estimable and actionable by any development team.

Repeat as Needed

Once the MVP is put in the hands of customers, collect learnings, validate hypotheses, and begin the process anew. Learning never stops.

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