ProductCamp Cincinnati 2015

ProductCamp is an organization that holds “un-conferences” all over the world. This premiere event is for Entrepreneurs, Product Management, Product Marketing and Marketing Professionals as well as Designers, Engineers and Data Scientists who are interested in learning best practices, sharing insights, and networking with top minds in the local product community.

In 2014, ProductCamp Cincinnati was born. During the first year, Mindbox helped their team to create a beautiful web experience for their inaugural event. The event went off swiftly, with tons of excitement behind it. When they asked us to sponsor them for the 2015 event, we were thrilled and without hesitation said, “You Bet!”

Mindbox Studios was asked to be the media sponsor role again for the 2015 event. The event went so well last year, that one of the main focuses of this year was to give attendees and sponsors access to what last year’s event looked and felt like. We worked closely with the ProductCamp Cincinnati team to come up with a mimic of last year. We ended up expanding the website to fit the 2015 event appropriately. We added some fresh design work, updated the content for the upcoming event, and added in a ‘Last Year’ page. Our team had a great time building the ‘Last Year’ page, giving the veteran ProductCampers the ability to reminisce on last year’s speakers, photo gallery, and positive feedback, while ProductCamp new-comers can see what they are about to get themselves into before they sign up.

The other focus point for the 2015 event was to keep the website relevant and exciting for the user.  We incorporated one of the most simple yet effective strategies: A video hero. The video hero was supplied by the ProductCamp team and captures the experience perfectly.

The last focus point was on their Twitter campaign. We strategized with the ProductCamp team on how a more analytical Twitter campaign would be an advantage. As their media sponsor, we help them forge paths to goals that are both achievable and challenging to help push them towards a greater knowledge of their grand vision.

We are proud to be ProductCamp partners and to help them pursue a world full of insight sharing, best practice learning, and next level networking. If you are interested in attending the 2015 ProductCamp Cincinnati on September 26th or simply want to learn more about the organization, you can visit their beautiful new website.

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