An integrated co-op for aspiring tech professionals

The Mindbox NEXT program is designed for students and aspiring tech professionals between the ages of 16 and 22 working from our Cincinnati, Ohio co-working space.


The program is year-round and customized to each individual based on their skills, desired pathway, and schedule.

During NEXT students will be given weekly challenges and projects that provide real value to the business and clients of Mindbox Studios. Instead of using simulation to teach, we believe the best education comes when something is on the line, when real people care about what is being produced. When the stakes are higher, the best results come out and the best teaching opportunities tend to occur.

“Although I was a business graduate from Miami University, design was always my passion. Mindbox saw my desire to grow in the field of design and gave me an opportunity to develop the necessary skills to do it. Not only did the team give me an opportunity at a new career but Mindbox was incredibly nurturing along the way.”

Luke Moderwell, Visual Design Lead at Mindbox Studios.

We believe developing the next generation of tech leaders through intentional apprenticeship will have a positive impact on our business bottom line, our culture, and the communities we work in.

Qualities of NEXT Students:

1. Love To Learn – You spend your free time experimenting, building, tinkering, exploring anything & everything. Curiosity about the way things work drives you to figure it out.

2. Passion For The Web – You have a passion for the future of information & how people will access that info.

3. People Skills – You excel at working on your own and taking initiative, but teamwork is your middle name.

If this program sounds like you, please fill out the application below.

NEXT Co-op Application

NEXT is a paid co-opp internship program.

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