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Mindbox Studios ready for co-op students in the tri-state to apprentice in web design, app development, and marketing

This summer aspiring web designers, developers, and entrepreneurs will have a opportunity to grow their skills with a team who knows a little something about turning a hobby into a craft.

“We’re not looking for those with polished talent. We hope to find a few students with a strong desire to learn about the tech business and have the grit to work toward a common goal”, says Joshua Johnson, CEO and founder of Mindbox Studios.

The Mindbox leadership team is made up of an eclectic mix of college graduates including government, mechanical engineering, computer animation, and packaging engineering. It may seem counter intuitive but hiring people with a similar DNA of being passionate, self-starters has proven invaluable in the ever-evolving web industry.

The make up of Mindbox Studios is not unlike the smorgasbord we call the tech industry. Clay potters turn into user interface developers because they like the mixture of visual design and tactile nature of building something they can use. Accounting majors are turning into SaaS (Software as a Service) business owners and music and sound engineers are becoming mobile app developers. This isn’t rare, it’s the norm.

Some of the longest-lasting and most successful employees at Mindbox have been those with the right work ethic and gravity toward the tech industry rather than those with just raw talent.

“Although I was a business graduate from Miami University, design was always my passion. Mindbox saw my desire to grow in the field of design and gave me an opportunity to develop the necessary skills to do it. Not only did the team give me an opportunity at a new career but Mindbox was incredibly nurturing along the way.” says Luke Moderwell, Visual Design Lead at Mindbox Studios.

In more recent years universities and colleges have developed programs better suited for the fast-paced tech and entrepreneurship fields, especially with better co-op advisors. This is good for everyone; the students, employers, and society at-large. Instead of starting at square one with the right person, companies can go deeper, faster.

If you or someone you know may be interested in the Mindbox NEXT internship/ co-op program, please apply at

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