For those of you who haven’t heard of TED before—they are a non-profit organization that host conferences twice a year, where thought leaders from across the world come to share their ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. These ideas can be anything from life experiences, to thought-provoking ideas, to world changing innovations. There was so much inspiration derived from TED talks, that people started hosting their own TED conferences in their cities with topics and speakers that had a passion to change and grow their own city. This is when TEDx was born. TEDx is a collection of hundreds of independently run TED organizations that hold talks around issues that matter most in their community. Cincinnati has been hosting TEDx conferences since 2012.


We may be biased, but Cincinnati is a thriving hub for many disciplines—technology, entertainment, design, science, humanities, business, and development. The Queen City is a community of remarkable individuals who contribute to ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ and even made the Forbes “Top 20 Cities for Opportunity”. As a company that is constantly looking for the next great idea and always contemplating how to innovate the way we do things, we wanted in on TEDxCincinnati. Thankfully, we had the perfect plug. One of our very own interns, Noah ‘the Bass Master’ Bass, had been in contact with the director of TEDxCincinnati and was named the Co-Director of TEDxCincinnatiYouth. Mindbox Studios ended up sponsoring the event by creating the postcards, banners, programs, and all other printable material. In return, the Mindbox team was given tickets to the sold out TEDxCincinnati event full of heart-throbbing stories, inspiring ideas, and innovation for the future. Noah even got on stage to briefly speak about TEDxCincinnatiYouth!


On behalf of the entire Mindbox team, we wanted to thank TEDxCincinnati for the amazing night of innovation and inspiration.

Learn more about TED and TEDxCincinnati here. To see more photos of the event, you can visit the TEDxCincinnati flickr page. If you’re interested in getting involved with TEDxCincinnati or TEDxCincinnatiYouth, please send an email to

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