If you recall this past March, Mindbox launched our new mentorship program called NEXT. To quickly sum it up, the NEXT program is designed for students and aspiring tech professionals who are looking to get real experience in the tech industry. We aren’t looking for perfect GPA’s (although that would be impressive) or incredible amounts of experience. We are seeking young entrepreneurs with the right work ethic, drive, and foosball skills to learn how to make the tech industry a better place.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve recruited two more players to the game. Give a warm welcome to Jonathan Marshall and Danny Gomez!


This is Jonathan. Jonathan is wrapping up his last semester of his Marketing degree at the University of Cincinnati.  Jonathan is currently working with us part-time, training to be a Project Lead with a focus on Business Development. Upon graduation, Jonathan plans on joining the team full time. He’s passionate about quite a few things. Just to mention a few, he likes connecting and celebrating people, innovation, start-ups, rock-climbing, and whiteboards. He would also like the world to know that he is allergic to deer fur. How did he found that out? The world may never know.


This is Danny. Danny was born and raised in San Marcos, Guatemala. In 2013, he decided to move to the states and pursue software development. Now he is a sophomore at Cincinnati State majoring in Business Programming and System Analysis while training as a developer with Mindbox Studios. Danny loves code, but finds his true passion through music. He can play 6 different instruments and enjoys playing in his church’s worship band.

Join us in welcoming the new guys to the team! We love hosting and cultivating young talent in our offices. If you or someone you know may be interested in the Mindbox NEXT internship/co-op program, please apply at mindboxstudios.com/next.

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