Mindbox joining OCEAN startup accelerator mentors

We’re investing in Cincinnati’s startup ecosystem with leaders from all over the Tri-State.

There’s a new startup accelerator launching in Cincinnati called OCEAN, and I’m pleased to announce that Mindbox will be partnering with them to help startups get off the ground successfully. I know two of the three founders really well, and I believe the work they’re doing is going to be a HUGE win for Cincinnati.

OCEAN is looking for 10 startups to participate in their first run, and each startup will receive a $20,000 investment as well as additional resources, and an OCEAN mentor. The OCEAN program consists of a six-month curriculum with a Demo Day (large pitch event) in the middle of the program.

Beyond the typical stuff you’d expect an accelerator to focus on, OCEAN has a unique emphasis on the roles that community and faith play in creating successful startup companies. This isn’t an “in your face” religious deal, but these guys are all about providing an experience that couples spiritual guidance with a solid business foundation. While this may seem a little strange for a startup accelerator, when you think about the unique challenges and pressures that every startup faces, personal and spiritual development can be every bit as important as good business acumen. And yes, I’m speaking from personal experience 🙂

I (Joshua Johnson) was lucky enough to be selected as one of OCEAN’s mentors, which means I’ll have the opportunity to get my hands dirty and mentor up and coming tech founders. The Cincinnati startup community has played a huge role in Mindbox’s story, so I’m super passionate for the chance to give back to Cincinnati’s startup community and tech ecosystem, and to help create jobs in the city.

Like I said, I’m really excited about this one.

Check out oceanaccelerator.com if you’re interested in learning more about OCEAN.

If you’re trying to connected in Greater Cincinnati’s startup community, check out mindboxstudios.com/cincinnati-startup-community.

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