Product Owner/Manager

If this describes you…

You are an experienced manager of software products, and an energetic person who lives to be client-facing. You love to work with innovators to launch businesses and to create apps from nothing but the ether. You can see product details in little more than a vague idea, and are a natural translator between technical teams and nontechnical customers. You understand how to make the most of a limited budget, and are able to reduce a world-changing vision into an MVP. There is nothing more important to you than communication.

And (preferably) you reside near Redding, CA and would dig occasional coworking.

And you have these skills…

  • A deep understanding of common software business models, and an ability to make, with confidence, educated guesses that are far from certain;
  • Some technical savvy – you’re not necessarily a programmer, but you know what it involves and how to talk to those who are, because you’ve worked with them before;
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication;
  • Identifying user experience challenges, and the ability to recommend solutions to them;
  • Understanding the changing nature of software requirements;
  • Crafting and articulating product strategy and vision, as well as identifying small steps to move toward that vision;
  • A mastery of the backlog management and best practices: culling, prioritization, user stories, agile, etc;
  • Experience managing budgets and timelines;
  • Whiteboarding/wireframing to quickly and succinctly document how requirements may translate;
  • Strategizing how to implement and leverage behavioural analytics to make a better product;
  • Ability to promote and maintain a tight feedback loop;
  • Ability to ask great probing questions;

And you enjoy doing these things…

  • Working with startups and entrepreneurs convinced they will change the world;
  • Deciding what to build and what to postpone or omit;
  • Being an advocate to the internal team on behalf of the customer;
  • Being an advocate to customer on behalf of the product;
  • Analyzing a product plan for risks and opportunities;
  • Creating and interpreting sitemaps, user flows, and story maps;
  • Drafting user stories and acceptance criteria;
  • Defining a product vision and its roadmap, and foreseeing growth opportunities;
  • Researching and analyzing the product’s market, users, and roadmap;
  • Observing, learning about, contacting and analyzing customers and end users of the product;

And (for bonus points) you’re familiar with these tools or processes:

  • Jira;
  • Slack;
  • Programming;
  • Web/mobile app design
  • Working in a studio or agency;

Then we should talk.

Take a few minutes to fill out the application, send your resume to, and let us know why you feel this position would be a good fit for you.