Product Owner/Manager

If this describes you…

You are an energetic person with very strong communication skills who lives to be client-facing. You love to work with innovators to launch businesses and to create apps from nothing but the ether. You can see product details in little more than a vague idea, and are a natural translator between technical teams and nontechnical customers. You understand how to make the most of a customer’s limited budget, and are able to reduce a world-changing vision into an MVP.

And (preferably) you reside near Redding, California or Eugene, Oregon and would dig occasional coworking.

And you have these skills…

  • An understanding of common software business models, and an ability to make “best bets”;
  • Technical savvy – you’re not necessarily a programmer, but you know how to talk to them;
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication;
  • Ability to ask great probing questions;
  • Identifying user experience challenges, and the ability to recommend solutions to them;
  • Understanding the changing nature of software requirements;
  • Seeing and articulating a product vision, as well as how seemingly small steps move toward that;
  • A mastery of backlog usuals: culling, prioritization, user stories, agile, etc;
  • Strong budget management capabilities;
  • Whiteboarding/wireframing to quickly and succinctly document how requirements may translate;
  • Strategizing how to implement and leverage behavioural analytics to make a better product;
  • Ability to promote and maintain a tight feedback loop;

And you enjoy doing these things…

  • Deciding what to build and what not;
  • Being an advocate to the internal team on behalf of the customer;
  • Being an advocate to customer on behalf of the product;
  • Analyzing a product plan for risks and opportunities;
  • Creating and interpreting sitemaps, user flows, and story maps;
  • Drafting user stories and acceptance criteria;
  • Defining a product vision and its roadmap, and foreseeing growth opportunities;
  • Researching and analyzing the product’s market, users, and roadmap;
  • Observing, learning about, contacting and analyzing customers and end users of the product;

And (for bonus points) you’re familiar with these tools or processes:

  • Jira;
  • Slack;
  • Developing software;
  • Visual design
  • Working in a studio;

Then we should talk.

Take a few minutes to send your resume to and let us know why you feel this position would be a good fit for you.