Drinking the startup Kool-Aid

Mindbox has been working on a new product concept for a while. After realizing a need we had internally, we are using the same process we take our clients through, iterating and validating with potential customers, and learning through critical feedback. Today, we are excited to announce this product to the world as we enter into the RAIN Eugene cohort to accelerate this platform.

What is Ascend?

Ascend is a data hub and visualization tool for business managers to easily start projects, connect to apps you already use and make critical decisions in real-time that impact their business. 

We’re looking forward to going through the RAIN Accelerator program to learn more about startups, discover our target and early adopter markets, and have a lot of fun building a software company that helps companies grow. We plan to incubate Ascend at Mindbox until it can survive in the wild and build out its own internal team. This will be an exciting adventure!


About the author

enjoys working with entrepreneurs and innovators to solve problems using technology. She heads up Ascend from beautiful Eugene, Oregon.

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