Last week, I wrote a post about how the marketer’s role is transitioning away from design and copy into data science and analytics. This transition creates a new obstacle for SaaS companies — finding talent that can execute this new workload.

Data driven marketers are a unique breed. They combine the love of numbers and data with the creativity and design thinking which is hallmark to the modern marketer. Let’s face it, this combination is rare and the odds of finding that individual is pretty low. It’s much easier to put together a team that consists of data analysts and creatives. Unfortunatley, that’s not a luxury that every organization has.

This is the number one frustration that I encounter with business leaders when considering transitioning to a data-driven growth strategy.

Companies can’t afford to keep expanding their team of specialists and at the same time can’t afford to scrap their existing resources. Keep in mind — copy, design, and social still provide immense value to the organization and most likely always will.

The Democratization of Data Driven Growth

At Mindbox, we believe that there is always a solution; sometimes you just have to work for it, and that’s exactly what we have done.

Mindbox started as a full-stack development firm, which gave us a unique perspective into this recent transition. The clients we work with know the value of data driven decision making in marketing and in product development; they just don’t know where to start. They come to us because we have access to that data. After all, we built their database. What we didn’t expect is that they would look to us for guidance on how to interpret that data and translate that interpretation into execution.

This leads to a lot of consulting style growth conversations and ad-hoc analysis. We quickly realized that we were solving the same problem in the same way multiple times over.

The Data Services

These client conversations have led to launching our own Mindbox GROW division — GROW provides three key services that focus on giving clients the resources they need to make data driven decisions:

  1. Foundations: Implementation of custom marketing stacks
  2. Traction: Channel testing and conversion optimization.
  3. Analytics: Collecting, interpreting and strategizing against that data.

Think of it as Data-as-a-Service …

Let’s be honest: these services were inevitable. Collecting data is easy; but then using it to produce meaningful, timely insights requires a very different lens.

We have data that we use, data that we store hoping to one day use, and data that we know we will never use but store it anyways. We have applications that aggregate all of that data and spit out colorful pie charts. We have books, conferences, and thought leaders all obsessing over data.

What we need is simplification. Our goal is to simplify data, get rid of the guess work, and make sure that data is a resource — not another frustration.We’re excited to see what this service grows into and where others evolve DaaS. We also hope that someone creates a better name!

Learn more about Mindbox GROW.

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is head of Mindbox's GROW division. He's a passionate marketer focused on growing enterprise software and technology companies through combining data and creativity to achieve market adoption.

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