Software Growth Strategies & Support

If you have a software product in need of long-term strategy and support, we can help. Our team of experienced software experts grow and maintain applications in all stages of the software product lifecycle.

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Strategic & Tactical Capabilities

The multi-disciplinary team at Mindbox has designed and developed hundreds of software products in dozens of industries. We work closely with our software owners to understand the customer acquisition and digital marketing strategies so that our product strategy is aligned with these goals.

Our strategies play a foundational role in the success of founders and innovators not only in tech, but also financial and service companies. We give clients the ability to clarify, simplify and scale their product offering.

  • Discovery

    Technology Audit
    Server Assessment / Setup
    Risk Evaluation
    Feasibility Assessment

  • Product Design

    Development Strategy
    User Behavior Tracking
    User Experience Design
    User Communication Strategy

  • Tech Innovation

    Open Source Libraries
    System Rebuilds / Replacements
    API Development
    System Integration

Managed Services

  • Product Management

    Development Planning
    User Behavior Analysis
    Conversion Optimization
    User Communication Strategy

  • Software Development

    Feature Development
    UI/UX Improvements
    Fixes & Optimization
    Release Management

  • Support & Maintenance

    Critical Issue Support
    Security Updates
    System Maintenance

Our Clients

  • Oregon Tilth

    Oregon Tilth a leading nonprofit organic certifier in the United States, working with farmers and product developers in 7 countries. We redesigned their site for improved user experience for their variety of user personas.

  • ToolFarm

    ToolFarm is the largest reseller of video editing tools. Our implementation of marketing automation and advanced search engine optimization have helped them accomplish their growth goals.

  • Ascend

    Ascend is a cloud-based estimation and quoting tool for custom services providers. We designed this tool to cut custom estimation service time to a fraction of the time it takes traditionally with spreadsheets.

  • Story Plans

    Story Plans empowers founders to create product roadmaps. Our team designed this product to enable communication between our team and our software founders in a way that helps both sides accomplish their goals.


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