This past week, Cardstore by American Greetings released their Mother’s Day advertisement. Typically, these look like every other ad during this season, either over-the-top humor, or cheesy half-baked sentimentalism. Not this one. Somehow the creative minds behind this ad found a way to connect viewers to something much bigger and deeper–a human value often forgotten.

What I think is brilliant about this advertisement is the way it causes everyone to pause and reflect on motherhood through the lens of a job. Not only would no one dare accept a job with those demands, but we are faced with our own beliefs of entitlement while realizing someone else in our life has given up what they deserve for our good. And for that….thanks Mom!

While I watched this video I couldn’t help but wonder how something like this could inspire all of us to finding deeper meaning in our work. If a greetings card company  that prints words on card stock paper, selling them in stores or through e-delivery can do it, why not us? How can Mindbox find deeper meaning, or better yet, how can we help our clients discover a truth worth building a company or product around? I don’t have the answers to all these questions today but you can count on us to continue pursuing this end.

Watch #worldstoughestjob video

Oh yeah, don’t forget to say thanks to Mom, and to build something meaningful and beautiful.

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