K-12 Enrollment and Emergency Medical Content Platform

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Defining the Problem

Innovation For Education

Innovation is not just for the hot startups out of Silicon Valley like WhatsApp or Instagram. Education visionaries can push their schools to the edge of technology too, and that's just what Keith Koehne and our Mindbox Studios team did in 2013. Thelma was a tech answer to a persistent problem many schools throughout the nation, paper registration. Some districts have a digital registration setup, but Thelma does not just collect basic information about a student. It completes some of the most challenging aspects of registration, emergency medical contact forms.

A Unique Product

Changing The Game

Thelma changes the relationship between schools and families. It is a unique student registration and emergency medical information platform that was designed by school people, for school people.

Thelma was created by principals, administrative assistants and parents in the Mariemont City School District who realized that we should expect the same professional, smart, well-designed customer experience at our child’s school that we have in other areas of our lives.


The Takeaways

It’s For Everyone

For parents, Thelma helps your kitchen countertop. It is a hassle at the beginning of every school year to fill out all that paperwork, most of it with the exact same information.

For administrative assistants, Thelma helps your desktop. It is difficult and important to manage all the paperwork associated with student registration and emergency medical information.

For school administrators, Thelma helps your top line. Customer satisfaction is incredibly important. Clean data is incredibly important. Thelma is a critical tool in achieving both of those goals.