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Defining the Problem

Why Is Finding Good Food So Hard?

Qravr is a social food discovery app that simultaneously allows restaurants to reach users through risk-free marketing. Qravr's founder first approached us with the desire to reimagine two age-old problems in the food industry - how people discover new food and the methods restaurants employee to bring new customers to the table. Our client was frustrated with the limitations of current food discovery platforms. He found most existing platforms to be too broad, severely lacking specific food items, and devoid of information for people with dietary restrictions. When presented with the idea for Qravr, we immediately saw the potential and the market opportunity. We wanted to help create Qravr.

Growing Social Engagement with Pictures

It’s no secret that people love sharing pictures of food over social media. Often times, however, these images are published without context or meaning beyond the string of emojis in the caption. What if your perfectly framed shot of that handcrafted lasagna could actually be more than just another food picture on your followers' Instagram feed? Qravr answers that question. By coupling user-generated pictures and helpful reviews, Qravr gives people a place to put their food photography to good use. The result is amazing. Users are turning to Qravr to guide them to the right meal for their lifestyle and taste preferences.

Build A Mobile App

“I wanted a lean startup approach, but with the traditional benefits of working with an experienced development company. Mindbox’s performance has only exceeded my expectations. They bring a wealth of knowledge covering mobile technology, startups, and business strategy with an emphasis on user experience.”

Elliot Shor, Founder of Qravr

The Takeaways

Understanding How People Eat

Upon starting Qravr, the entire team quickly understood an important fact: traditional search mechanics for menu-specific items are antiquated, often pulling back wrong and irrelevant content. We hypothesize this is due to the fact that many of the existing platforms were not created to tag and sort the complex dietary changes and patterns emerging in today’s market. So, we set out to rethink how restaurants could present their menus to users in a way that would make searching for specific food items easy, fast, and accurate. We envisioned a tool that could not only help you find what you were looking for, but also help you discover food you didn’t know existed.

Our solution is pretty slick (we think, at least). With Qravr, users can search for restaurants and specific food items alike. Once they finish their meals, diners can upload pictures and leave ratings for each restaurant and dish. Why would they do that, you ask? Well, Qravr incentivizes users to leave ratings by offering deals in exchange for engagement – think 50% off that super tasty calamari. Restaurants team up with Qravr to push deals to users based on their food preferences and dining habits, taking it full circle. You get the dishes you want, restaurants help you discover new food with risk-free marketing. Like we said, pretty slick.