Organic Growth Soars for Drone Software Provider

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Defining the Problem

Why Was DroneDeploy's Search Volume Stagnant?

DroneDeploy is the leader in commercial drone software, a rapidly growing industry. According to Google trends, the search volume for the industry is growing at a rate of 15% month over month. In a perfect world, this would translate directly into organic revenue for the team at DroneDeploy, but it wasn't. In fact, DroneDeploy's organic search volume was stagnant along with their revenue.

The Solution: Clarify, Simplify, Scale

We kicked off our project at the beginning of November 2016 with the goal of moving into Q1 2017 with strong organic growth. We approached this project in three simple stages: clarify, simplify, and scale.

Deploy GROW

“The Mindbox team integrated with our team in a way we have never experienced before. They genuinely cared about our target goals and objectives and carried that as if they were a part of our core team" ”

-Brendan Playford, Head of Demand Generation at DroneDeploy

The Takeaways

Tripling Organic Revenue


To meet our goals of Clarify, Simplify, Scale; we first performed a full SEO audit on all the web assets, and created a project roadmap listing of quick wins and long term strategies. Next, we implemented site wide changes over a one month period using proven tools, techniques, and best practices. Finally, we reworked the site content with a a heavy focus on prioritizing DroneDeploy’s search terms.

Since the project completed, DroneDeploy has seen major organic growth, largely due to the work of Mindbox studios. In fact, after the 5 months of organic search projects, DroneDeploy has doubled their organic web traffic, and tripled their revenue resulting from organic traffic.

“Mindbox GROW has a deep understanding of customer acquisition and digital growth strategies, their work exceeded our expectations. ”

-Brendan Playford, Head of Demand Generation at DroneDeploy