Faith-based Entrepreneur Conference coming to Cincinnati

At Mindbox, we believe “A change of pace and a change of place is a change of perspective.” Because of that, a tradition that Mindbox has upheld for quite some time is to work from Crossroads Community Church on Thursdays. We do this to escape the norm, get out of the office, and see something new. (They also have the best coffee on this side of the Mississippi. Let’s be honest, that’s a large contributing factor.) Throughout the years, we have developed some incredible relationships with Crossroads staff, volunteers, and avid goers. Through those connections we have been introduced to the OCEAN Accelerator and now, the Unpolished Conference.

The Unpolished Conference is a business-minded, pull-no-punches, high-octane conference that energizes and equips you to do your best work. This is the world’s first conference that intersects Faith and Entrepreneurship. Throughout the entrepreneurial journey, a space exists between the struggle of starting a business and the challenge of walking in faith.  At Unpolished, we believe there isn’t merely one type of entrepreneur. Accordingly, the content isn’t unique to a specific entrepreneur. We encourage the hustle. From Tech Startups to Restaurant Owners, from artists to contractors, the Unpolished Conference has something for everyone.


This September 17th-18th, Cincinnati will be hosting the Unpolished Conference at Crossroads Oakley. If you are interested in attending or learning more, visit Unpolished Conference site where you will find anything from who is speaking to hotel and travel information. We encourage entrepreneurs from far and wide to attend this challenging yet accepting conference to find the God-given mix of Faith and Entrepreneurship.

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