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Who We Are

The Origin Story

Our niche has been in finding clients like us, web entrepreneurs and people who are passionate about what they are doing.

Joshua JohnsonMindbox Founder

In 2005, our founders broke ground on a fintech startup. After several false starts with software development agencies, they realized they needed a team better suited for the complexities of innovation. So, they built one.

Since then, Mindbox has been behind the scenes in the launch of  hundreds of startups & innovative business tools. Our team has designed a creative process based on mutual discovery and education, and we’ve seen the difference it has made in our client’s success.

At our core,

We Are

Experienced entrepreneurs.

We’ve built startups of our own and enjoy helping business leaders grow their business with the help of technology.

Digital innovation experts.

We’ve facilitated workshops and worked with innovators in a wide range of industries to help them change the game.

Committed to our values.

We care deeply about the success of our clients and spend our spare time putting on events for startups & innovators.

Events Facilitated
Startups Supported
Completed Projects


We've designed and developed solutions for a wide range of industries. Some of the more common use cases follow.

Health Care / Education / Productivity

We’ve designed and developed web and mobile experiences that solve a variety of problems at the intersection of health care, education, and productivity.

Financial Services / Microtransactions

As technology becomes more accessible, the growing trend in microtransaction platforms offer an increasing amount of convenience and security for every niche you can imagine.

Real Estate / Marketing

From lead gen to retention campaigns and everything in between, more businesses are leveraging technology to automate processes and create competitive advantages.

Ready to Innovate?

Leverage our experience to get there faster.

Whether you see an opportunity for tech innovation in your company or industry, we can help get your team on track quickly and efficiently. We study innovation and technology trends to bring a uniquely competitive strategic perspective to every solution we design.

Tell us more about your business and the problem you’d like to solve. We’d love the opportunity to work with you.

Mindbox Hubs

Our team works remotely from all over the U.S., with access to several geographic hubs.


An established innovation ecosystem on a growth trajectory, built with intention; fueled by local investment and the support of government, academic, & tech sectors.



A vibrant Northern California startup hub with a reputation for rich entrepreneurial resources, tech startup success stories, & awe-inspiring Mount Shasta views.



A region with a long history in innovation, strong academics, & support for growing tech, food, & wood products sectors — along with Pacific Northwest hiking trails.



A thriving innovation center on the Ohio River with strengths in consumer products, academics, & tech; the first startup community that our team supported.