About Mindbox – Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky Full Service Design & Technology Service Partner

Mindbox Studios is a Cincinnati-based web design and development studio that specializes in web and mobile applications and custom creative software. Our goal is to provide the world with innovative and groundbreaking technology that pushes the limits of the web.

Our team has deep roots in the local startup and innovation ecosystem, serving startups in the Cincinnati area since 2007. We have organized startup and innovation events throughout the region and support the efforts of The Brandery, UpTech, and Startup Weekend, among others.

We began in 2006 with a belief that there was a huge need for a tech innovation studio that can connect real business values with trendsetting technology. Over ten years later we have over 18 incredible team members with hubs in Redding, California, Sacramento, California, Eugene, Oregon, and Cincinnati. We are building software that allows the government to work more efficiently, helps educators do their jobs with greater ease, and allowing real estate agents to have more capacity and make more money. The best part is, doing all of this is our dream job.

Our clients receive a hand-picked team that provides digital strategy, visual design, user experience, responsive design, web and mobile development, and project leadership. Mindbox often serves the role or product director and CTO for most clients as they build out their new tech idea.

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This location serves Cincinnati, greater Hamilton County, Dayton, greater Montgomery County, Northern Kentucky, and the surrounding area.